The Importance of Megapixels, Storage Memory, and Shutter Speed

The Importance of Megapixels, Storage Memory, and Shutter Speed

The Importance of Megapixels, Storage Memory, and Shutter Speed When Buying a Digital Camera
By Jennifer K Crawley

The precious moments that pass each day should be remembered.  No longer do you have to worry yourself with cumbersome 35mm cameras and film canisters to get good shots. When you’re ready to get serious about photography, you should get yourself a good digital camera.

There are dozens of brands of cameras and accessories on the market today. Some have a preference for one reason or another to a particular brand. A little known secret is that you don’t have to buy a big name brand digital camera. You can find some really great digital cameras that are along the lines of generic brands. Actually, many electronics retailers now have their own in house brands.

When you have little to spend but want a truly great camera, the best time to shop is during the holiday seasonal sales. You’ll be able to pick up end of season models for considerably less. You can pick up twice the camera for a fraction of the price if you shop smart.

Obviously when you’re looking for a good digital camera, you want to look for a higher resolution output.  Just a few years ago, the best you could hope for was a couple of mega pixels for under a thousand dollars. Now you can now pick up 10 mega pixel cameras for a few hundred dollars.

Anything over 10 mega pixels is really a waste unless you are a professional photographer and are accustomed to handling very large files. The more mega pixels you have, the better the quality but it does come to a point where too much is too much. Find something between 4 and 10 mega pixels for every day photos to put into albums or post online.

The higher mega pixels you have, the more memory you’re going to require so don’t forget to get a memory card that matches up with the storage you’ll need. If you’re a true photography buff, you’ll obviously want to avoid all point and shoot cameras. But if you’re a novice and are just getting used to the thought of using a digital cameras, go for simplicity.

If you’re going to be using your digital camera for a lot of high speed shots or active family photos, you’ll want to make sure that you get a camera that can take a lot of shots in a short period. There’s nothing worse than thinking you got the perfect shot and realizing you missed it. When you look at digital SLR cameras, make sure to check out the frames per minute speed.

Buy yourself a digital camera that can grow with your interest, skill and your family if that is in the cards. Digital cameras are much like 35mm cameras. You can buy a variety of filters and lenses to meet your needs. Different zoom levels and different lighting situations dictate the lens you need. Don’t forget to pick up all of the accessories you’ll need when you buy your camera. You want to get it home and begin playing right away without having to run back to the store. It’s a beautiful world and you need to snap it.

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