Green Screen Photography

Green Screen Photography

Why Use Green Screen Photography?

You can be much more productive with green screen photography. With a green screen behind your subjects, you can place any kind of background you want to, whether it’s some kind of landscape scene, or even use your client’s own pictures. With your green screen, it is much easier to add any kind of digital background, because green or even blue is easy to remove or replace.

There are many reasons why you can be more productive. For one, with a green screen, there isn’t any need to have extra backgrounds on hand, saving time and money. You can also expand your creative horizons, and offer many more choices for your clients. In many cases, you can download different pictures from the internet for free.

You also don’t have a lot of overhead, since everything you need to place different backgrounds can be done on your computer, and you don’t have to own or rent a large space to set up your business.

This means you will save even more money, and pass these savings on to your clients. There are a number of different online websites where you can download pictures of just about anything, one of these is Getty Pictures. This is of course is just one example. You can also find more specialized pictures sites, although some of these may charge to download pictures, or ask you to sign up for their site.

It also doesn’t matter where the job is, you can use a green screen and photoshop any other background in later.

Speaking of clients, with green screen photography, your clients aren’t stuck with limited background choices. They can use their own pictures, or even use yours. this way they get exactly what they want, and if they aren’t happy, you can quickly change it to something else without having to set up another sitting.

When your clients are happy, not only do they keep coming back, they tell their friends and family about you, opening the door to even more business. Word of mouth often works much better than other forms of advertising, and it’s free.

While there are many advantages to using green screen photography, there are some things you should know. One is that you have to set up your lighting a little differently.

You also need to position your subjects further away from normal background, because when your take your digital photos, sometimes the green will ‘bleed’ onto the person in the foreground if they are too close.

Your subject also can’t wear anything the same color as the background, because this part of their body will show the background instead.

These are just some of the ways you can be more productive with green screen photography. You can find more information and products available to help you enhance your digital background expertise online from a number of reliable resources.

It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur photographer, or a professional, you can benefit from using green screen backgrounds for all your picture taking needs.

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