Digital Photography – The New Way to Taking Photographs

Digital Photography – The New Way to Taking Photographs

Digital Photography

Digital Photography is an art. It takes practice, skill and an eye for what makes a good photo. Not everyone will take the time to study a building, wildlife, landscapes or other subjects with an eye toward finding the hidden emotion and composition within the scene. Those that do will often find great hidden meaning in the photos they take. Photographers spend their whole life seeking new and different ways to shoot a subject. Enter digital photography, and suddenly there is a whole new way to shoot photos that opens up whole new vistas for the photographer.

Digital Photography-The Difference

With digital photography, the darkroom is replaced by the desktop or laptop computer and the inkjet or color laserjet printer. Computer photo enhancement software such as Photoshop has replaced manual photo enhancement techniques that used to require hours of work. Digital photography takes the guesswork out of taking the photo as well. By instantly being able to see the photo you just took, you can immediately see if your photo was acceptable, or if you need to reshoot due to lighting or blurring. The LCD screen on most digital cameras makes viewing your photos a snap. No more waiting and hoping you got the shot like with film.

Digital cameras come in all sizes, from the tiny cameras that fit on a keychain, up through the camera on your phone, to the professional grade camera with interchangeable lenses and manual settings. So whether you are seeking a professional grade photo that can be printed in a magazine, or you just want something to shoot photos of your friends, there is a digital camera produced to meet your needs.

Learning to Shoot Digital

Digital photography is still about lighting, angles and setting up the shot. The difference with digital is that you can immediately see the results of a change in shutter speed or aperture while you are still looking at the scene. This can help reduce the learning curve for taking great photos.

Setting up the shot is a lot of fun. With digital, you can explore different setups, angles and lighting effects and see the results and compare them instantly. This ability can be invaluable on a professional shoot where time is money, and botching the shot is not an option.

Digital Photography-The Skill Set Remains the Same

If you have been a photographer for some time, you might think that digital photography would not make use of all the skills you learned with your old camera. Or if you are just starting out with photography, you might think that the new digital cameras will be foolproof. But you would be incorrect in both cases. The skill set needed to take good and interesting photos is just as important in digital photography as they were with film. The basics of lighting, angles, composition, etc. are the same with a digital camera. However, the learning curve may be somewhat lessened due to the fact that beginners can now instantly see mistakes as they shoot them. In this case they can instantly correct mistakes as they occur. And for the causal vacation photographer, it does enhance the experience when you can instantly see if your thumb or the camera strap was in the shot while you can still take another one and get the shot right.

Digital photography has evolved to the point that it can compete with the film camera for quality of photos. The convenience and enhanced ease of use of most digital cameras makes them a good choice for photographers of all skill levels.

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