The Fastest Route to Becoming a Travel Photographer

By Roshni Dabur The life of a travel photographer is filled with adventure, and one of most satisfying profession for your perpetual wander-lust. It seems like it is one of the easiest skills to master, because all you need is a camera and a plane-ticket right? Well, it is not easy as it looks because this domain is swarmed by a millions of creative soul, and the competition is stiff. This little guide contains the secret-sauce to become a top-notch travel photographer in no time. As you read through every word till the end, you’ll learn what it takes to

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Spring Forward to Savings

To really take advantage of the daylight, get outside and start shooting some beautiful images. Ritz Camera has a great selection of accessories to catch that perfect shot and what better time to treat yourself to some new equipment at great prices? Davis & Sanford Vista Attaras Grounder Tripod with BQ11 Ball Head for only $59.99. The rubber feet give extra added stability on any terrain and the ultra-light aluminum and quick lift center makes this an awesome portable tripod. Another on-the-go option is the Polaroid 65″ Ultra-Light Carbon Fiber Tripod with Removable Ballhead Available for $149.99 ($75 off MSRP),

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canon rebel t6

Fall Photography Specials

These Fall photography specials mean Fall is in full swing! That means crisp air, pumpkins, hoodies, and everything that makes you feel cozy. This time of year also brings autumn leaves. Besides pumpkin spice, the gorgeous hues of red, gold, and brown have to be the best part of fall. It’s hard to not be inspired by the world around you this season. Not to worry, has the best equipment to capture the scenery. Be able to shoot vast landscapes and details of surrounding foliage with one lens – using the Tamron 18-400mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD for both a Nikon and Canon.

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Digital Photography – The New Way to Taking Photographs

Photography is an art. It takes practice, skill and an eye for what makes a good photo. Not everyone will take the time to study a building, wildlife, landscapes or other subjects with an eye toward finding the hidden emotion and composition within the scene. Those that do will often find great hidden meaning in the photos they take. Photographers spend their whole life seeking new and different ways to shoot a subject. Enter digital photography, and suddenly there is a whole new way to shoot photos that opens up whole new vistas for the photographer. Digital Photography-The Difference With

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tiffen photographic filter

Photographic Filters: Are They Still Relevant

Many believe that photographic filters are still relevant. Even in the age of digital photography when photos can be manipulated via software such as Photoshop, the importance of photographic filters cannot be overemphasized. Keep in mind that filters are essential camera accessories mainly because these modify the recorded images on the spot – as the shot is being taken, to be exact – thus requiring little to no software-based manipulation. With the criticisms regarding the abuse of the likes of Photoshop to get perfect shots of the subjects and objects in the photos, such a quality is, indeed, desirable. Yes,

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